Technology Hall of Fame Posters


A wide variety of people from all walks of life have made a series of contributions (some large, some small) over the centuries to invent the high-tech world we now live in. I’ve been talking about these people for years in various computer classes and I thought it would be nice to have a poster series of them hanging in my classroom. So I started to design one. Several times. The problem was that in spite of my best efforts, my designs looked so lame and uninspiring that even I didn’t want to use them.  So I threw the “Technology Hall of Fame Poster challenge” out to last year’s graphic design class. One of my students, Ben P., knocked the assignment out of the park. I’ve modified his three-poster design and expanded it to it current 27.

The posters feature a few legitimately famous figures, but consist mostly of lesser-known, unsung heroes of technology who made had an impact on the world we live in.

Where are the two biggest names in technology, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs? I chose to focus on people who aren’t as well known to my students. I would also argue, in spite of the fact that they were indeed tech visionaries, Gates and Jobs made their biggest impact through business and marketing (and Bill stole everything from Steve who stole everything from XEROX PARC.)

Download here: 27-page PDF, 11″ x 17″

(Feel free to print and use. CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)