Really Poorly Thought-Out Web Addresses

Remember that Saturday Night Live commercial about the bank that had to use a terrible web address because they waited too long and it was the only one left?  Finding a good (available) web address these days after has already been snatched up is no easy task.  In fact, the prevailing wisdom now is to make up a nonsense word and market it like crazy (e.g. “hulu”).

I’m not sure what prompted the following companies to choose the domains they did, but they probably should have paid some attention to how they would look in an address bar before committing to them.  There had to be better alternatives available:


Lessons learned?  You cannot combine “of” and “art.”  You cannot use plural words followed by “express” or “exchange.”  And there is no good way to incorporate the words “scrap” or “therapist” into a web address.

(Part of me wonders if some companies aren’t doing this on purpose.  Think of all the free publicity you get when every two-bit  blogger compiles another list of really poorly thought-out web addresses.)


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