Pee Wee League Football Coaches Behaving Badly

If you thought the New Orleans Saints scandal was bad…

“In a pee-wee version of the NFL’s bounty scandal, the head coach and league president of an Orange County children’s football team have been suspended amid allegations that players were offered up to $50 in cash to knock opponents out of games.”

This particular case involves 10- and 11-year-old kids.  10 and 11!  Nothing’s been proven at this point, but if the story is true, I have a hard time understanding how grown men can get so obsessed with winning that they would consider this acceptable behavior.

Furthermore, $50 may not sound like a lot of money compared to the $1,000 that Saints players allegedly received for “cart-offs,” but $1,000 only represents 0.25% of the minimum salary for an NFL rookie.  If you assume the average 10-year-old is living off of a $10 a week allowance, a $50 bounty is nearly a 10% bump.  That’s like an NFL rookie being paid $37,500 for each opponent he injures.  Not even Gregg Williams is that nuts.

Here’s the article.


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