Worst Passwords of 2012

SplashData has compiled their 25 worst passwords for 2012* based on studying passwords stolen by hackers and posted online.  The worst password?  You guessed it, “password.”  The rest of the list is also full of unbelievably bad passwords which obviously favor ease of use over security.

Some of my favorites:

  • “password1” – Adding a single-digit  number to the worst possible password ought to make it secure, right?
  • “letmein” – Why bother with a password when you can just tell your computer what you want?
  • “iloveyou” – Ahh…
  • “trustno1” – Clever, but there are too many paranoid people.
  • “ashley” – The first name on the list.  Wondering if corresponds with most popular name.

And if you’re going by stolen passwords, apparently “baseball” is ten spots more popular than “football.”

*How can they already be sure about 2012?  There are over two months left.  Still time for “sunshine” to make a run.


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