The Spanish Speaking Countries Best at Speaking Spanish

Which Spanish speaking countries speak Spanish the best? Well according to a review by the University of Chile (spoiler alert: the article is in Spanish), Spain tops the list. I’m not sure how Spain could lose, the country is in charge of the rules of Spanish, so the way Spaniards speak is the measure by which other countries are judged. (But then again Charlie Chaplin once lost a Charlie Chaplin look-alike contest, so who knows?)

What is interesting is who came in second: Peru. The impoverished South American country is apparently very good at pronunciation and proper vocabulary (I would have guessed Costa Rica).  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Last year my Spanish 4 class had a guest speakers from Peru, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The Peruvian was clearly the easiest for students to understand even though she came early in the year. (If I could have gotten the Puerto Rican to slow down to about half-speed the class might have stood a fighting chance.)

Worst on the list University of Chile list? Chile and Argentina.


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