Politics and Twitter

Regardless of your feelings about the outcome of the election, you’ve got to admit the contrast between Obama and Romney’s use of Twitter at the end of their campaigns could not be more distinct:

“At 11:16 p.m. on November 6, @BarackObama sent a tweet that within twenty minutes became the most retweeted tweet in history, racking up an impressive 638,130 retweets and 216,123 ‘favorites’ in the hours since then. The @MittRomney has been silent since 5:55 p.m. yesterday.”

To be fair, if I had lost a presidential election, I’d be in no mood to tweet. But on the other hand, if Obama had lost, I can’t imagine his account would have been silent.  I think this underscores the fact that it feels like Obama understands and embraces the use of social media; it’s an integral part of who he is. Romney’s use of Twitter seems more awkward and uncomfortable.  Future presidential candidates should start integrating social media into their routines now so it seems natural when it’s important.


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