Social Media THINK Poster

Here’s my version of everyone’s favorite social media THINK poster.  I offered to print these up for my colleagues and was pleasantly surprised how many took me up on it.  Even elementary teachers got in on the action.

THINK-Poster2Here’s the PDF: THINKPoster

And a Spanish (PDF) version: PIENSAposter


10 thoughts on “Social Media THINK Poster

  1. Hello Mr. Fortna,
    Would it be alright for our school to print and make copies of your THINK poster for our teachers to hang in their classrooms?
    Taylor Thornhill
    Adams Middle School
    Brentwood CA 94513

  2. What a great poster! I wanted to check to make sure that I too can use it at my school.
    Tammy Steinert
    Hoisington High School
    Hoisington, KS

  3. Hi Steve- the poster is great. Can I modify it slightly to change the VINE symbol to PERISCOPE since Vine is dead?

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