ZipGrade Scantron-Style Grading App

A colleague of mine recently clued me in to ZipGrade which scans and grades multiple-choice bubble tests much like the old Scantron machines used to do except ZipGrade is much better. Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers download and print free test forms from ZipGrade’s website ( There are several options depending on how many questions you need.
  • Students can use pens or pencils to fill out the forms (though they’re going to have a hard time erasing pen).
  • You install the ZipGrade app (available on iOS or Android) on your phone or tablet and create an account. Once the account is set up you create your answer key on the phone and start scanning forms.
  • ZipGrade automatically grades the forms based on the answer key. You can review each student’s score and even view images of the actual tests.

The first 100 scans are free. After that you’ll need to pay a reasonable fee to keep using it. The video below shows how slick and easy the system is to use.


Several things really impressed me about ZipGrade.  First of all it’s really fast and easy to use. Secondly, when I tested it out with with one of my class quizzes, I realized I had my answer key wrong because no one got 100%. I was able to change the key and when I did all the grades were automatically re-scored. Also, the analysis feature is a great tool for checking which questions students struggled the most with.

Multiple choice tests definitely have their limitations but if you need to use them and want to get them graded quickly ZipGrade is the way to do it.


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